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an old airplane is shown in three different views, including the front and back wings
p40n-1.gif (1200×1748)
four different types of fighter jets are shown in this diagram from the early 20th century
four different types of fighter jets with shark teeth on them
an image of shark mouths in different colors and sizes on a white sheet with words underneath it
Various shark nose paintings on P-40 Tomahawks, Flying Tigers, et al.
an image of several fighter jets with teeth on the front and back side, all in different colors
the P 40 shark mouth, real WW2 paint versions, and comical
an image of some old airplanes with numbers on them and pictures in the bottom row
Buy 1/32 Scale - Curtiss P-40B Warhawk 'AVG/RAF' - Full Colour Decal online at UK shop
the diagram shows how to cut out an airplane's cockpit and side view window
the paper model is showing how to make an airplane
an airplane with a shark mouth painted on it's side flying in the sky
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Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
Curtiss Hawk 81A-2 Kunming China, Flying Tiger, Military Jets
Curtiss Hawk 81A-2