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SEVENTEEN 세븐틴 || Joshua, Hong Ji-Soo 홍지수

This photo means a lot to me. Once i send it to my mom and she said that Joshua looks like me. Then i said "oh well ok then, im going to marry him!" And she actually approved it

He looks smarticles as hell with those glasses tho

Yoon Jeong-han (윤정한), a member of Pledis Entertaiment boy group SEVENTEEN and a part of the 'Vocal Unit'

세븐틴 x IZE PHOTOBOOK <17 13 24> 정한 teaser ㅡ Q. 팬클럽 이름까지 생기면 아이돌이라는 느낌도 더 들겠죠? ㅡ 정한: 그건 진짜 좋을 것 같아요. 응원봉 다 똑같은 거 들고 “와-” 이러고 있고. 엄청 뿌듯할 것 같은데요. 울컥할 수도 있고. 그 많은 사람들이 하나의 응원봉으로 세븐틴을 응원해준다는 게 되게 좋을 것 같아요. #seventeen #정한

The meaning behind his real name is the Jeong means clean and Han means country. It has a meaning that he will be like a clean milky way.