Indoor hammock. Did you know that sleeping on hammock can make you fall asleep faster and deeper?

I love this hammock style lounge bed. I love this hammock style lounge bed. I love this hammock style lounge bed.

Look at this. I believe you have plenty ideas to put a cocoon like this. It functions indoor as well as outdoor.

You can sit in the rain and read so cool! - Micasa Lab Cocoon 1 is a sit in, chill in, relax in, live in bubble with reconfigurable cushions to really personalize the space

A comfort living room.

New Design Living Room Interior Design Ideas 74 living room design ideas 4 Living room design ideas

Creative, unique houses in Thailand with green concept. I love the idea. Watch this!

cool, creative & unique bamboo & earth building design and construction video

Before this century, only noble that built Joglo house.

Home Interior Design: Joglo Home Modern Javanese

The floating island offers more than 10,000 square feet of living space and enough rooms to accommodate 12 people, as well as up to four staff members. Measuring 66 feet by 121 feet, this "island" has no engine but can be anchored anywhere its owners choose and then towed to another location if they wish.

Sail Away in Style on Your Own Orsos Solar-Powered Floating Island Home Orsos Islands – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Kewl (tricky) floor.

Creative floor you don't want to miss

Tricky art under your house.

Tricky art under your house.

Imagine the fun you'll have!

I LOVE THIS IDEA! If I build a 2 story house I want this staircase & slide. This fun isn't just for the kids! The one change I would make to it would be less stairs &/or further spaced apart.