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a pink alarm clock sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a computer monitor
Creative Cloud Shape LED Digital Alarm Clock with Sound-activated Function, Saving Power Mode and Snooze Function Available, Put on Desk or Hung on Wall
three different pictures with some lights on them and flowers in vases next to each other
🕊"La SONRISA es el mejor accesorio que una persona puede tener." o(^▽^)o
two pictures one with a book and the other with a light that looks like a smiley face
Inspirations | LUXXU Modern Design & Living
several images of different shapes and sizes of the light fixture, with instructions on how to install them
Applique Murale Rotative à 360 Degrés Lampes Chevet Lampes Murale Créatives pour Couloir Escalier Salon Salle Coucher (Blanc)