Briana Kranz

Illustrator Briana Kranz has a flair for expressive line work, mark making and indulgent splashes of colour that make her a natural in the world of fashion…
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the golden gate bridge in san francisco, california is painted with watercolor and ink
Golden Gate Bridge
Watercolor Drawing of Golden Gate Bridge
an eye with long lashes and brown eyeshade is shown in this drawing technique
Animated gif of eye blinking
a drawing of a table with cake, drinks and other food items on the table
Summer Picnics
a painting of bottles and glasses next to each other on a green surface with limes
Margarita Ingredients
Food Illustration of Margarita Ingredients
a drawing of a drink with olives in it
Dirty Martini
a watercolor painting of a woman in a red dress with large hoop earrings on her head
Selena Gomez
Watercolor portrait of Selena Gomez
two women in black and white, one is wearing a dress with an open back
America Ferrera and Margot Robbie
Black and white line portrait of America Ferrera and Margot Robbie
a drawing of a living room with a chair and bookshelf in the background
Living Room
Watercolor artwork of a living room
a drawing of someone's feet in a bathtub with various items around them
Editorial on Bathtub
four different types of shoes are shown in black and white, including one with laces
Shoe Collection
Line drawing of shoe collection
a drawing of a woman walking down the street with her handbag in her pocket
Fashion Drawing
a drawing of a plate of food with chopsticks
Japanese Curry Udon
Realistic Painting of Japanese Curry Udon
watercolor painting with birds flying in the sky
Morning Geese
Watercolor painting of morning geese
three sushi on a white surface with watercolor
Food Illustration
an aerial view of two skiers skiing down a mountain
Kayaking at Sunset