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an image of a cartoon castle with lots of balloons and kites in the sky
Pinkie’s Pink Carpet for My Little Pony
Fionna Fernandes was thrilled when she was commissioned to create the VIP invitation illustration for “My Little Pony: The Movie”. Entitled “Pinkie’s Pink Carpet”, the artwork was used for the Pink Carpet VIP invitation to promote the film premiere. The icing on the cake was the VIP invitation that Fionna received herself, which meant she was able to enjoy the Pink Carpet festivities and hang out with life size ponies.
a person holding a piece of puzzle in front of a colorful painting on a table
Jungle Tiger Puzzle for Seltzer Goods
Seltzer Goods release a jungle themed puzzle illustrated by the talented Fionna Fernandes. Fionna's lively artwork has been used to great effect on the jigsaw puzzle, which is designed 'as a fun antidote for the stresses of modern life.' The scene is packed with flowers, plants, and animals; including a tiger, flamingo, swan, frog, monkey, chameleon, toucan, parrot, hummingbird and butterflies.
a woman standing in front of a forest filled with animals
Veronica's Pack for Scholastic
Fionna Fernandes illustrates for Scholastic's Classroom Magazine, ‘Storyworks’. The piece illustrates a fiction story, 'Veronica's Pack' and shows a young girl talking to a large majestic buck alongside other animals in a forest setting. Evoking a sense of support and companionship, the story is about a shy girl who discovers how to build strength in numbers and appears in the May/June 2019 issue.
an image of a cartoon scene with bears and deers in the forest, flowers, trees, rainbows
Fantasy Land
A vibrant fantasy landscape filled with oversized creatures and candy.
an abstract pink background with black and white graphics on it, including shapes and lines
Bournut - Editorial
an abstract poster with pink and black colors
an abstract pink and black painting with various objects on it, including books, papers, and other things
Occupational Exhaustion
an advertisement with people in different colors and sizes on it, including the words execient
Social Media
an illustration of people in a classroom with speech bubbles and pictures on the wall behind them
Folha de São Paulo / Newspaper
a man sitting in front of a wall covered with graffiti
Lifestyle and Line | Illustration by Kleverson Mariano
an abstract drawing with blue and black colors
an illustrated city scene with people walking around
Support Ukraine
Puzzle for "support Ukraine". For Ukranian publisher
the book where's attenbrough? is in front of an image of animals and trees
Smith Street Books
Where's Attenborough book. Published by SmithStreet books
an illustrated drawing of people on the street in front of a mcdonald's restaurant
McDonald Competition
McDonald’s Finland hosted a competition to help tackle littering.
an illustrated illustration of people playing tennis on the beach and in the water with cars
Silk Scarf Illustration
an illustrated drawing of people on the beach
Beach Illustration
Family portrait at the beach
two people are sitting on a bench near the water
A Couple Camping Together
A couple camping together in an environment that incorporates all of their favorite places into one.
a blue building with people walking and riding bikes on the sidewalk in front of it
Brooklyn, NY
Street scene in Brooklyn, NY
people are sitting in the park on blankets
Picnic in Central Park
Picnic in Central Park, New York City.
a drawing of a woman sitting on a couch in a living room with yellow walls
Watching Television
Illustration of woman watching telivision
a large group of people standing in front of a store filled with lots of signs
LA Lifestyle
Lifestyle in Los Angeles
an illustrated drawing of people standing in front of train tracks and subway cars on the street
Subway Illustration
Crow at Subway
an image of a large crowd of people on the street with open streets sign above it
Open Streets
an illustration of a garden center filled with lots of people
Garden Center
an image of a poster with people in the park and on top of it that says campus
Campus Traditions
an illustrated map of the state of texas with all its landmarks and major cities in it
Texas Map
a large group of people in front of a house with halloween decorations and pumpkins
Home Depot Halloween
a group of cartoon bears standing next to each other
NCAA Mascots
This is all 64 NCAA mascots for the March Madness tournament at the big dance as featured in the Washington Post.
an image of boats and people on the water in front of a sign that says what's wrong to do?
What's Wrong Section
Highlights Magazine What's Wrong Section.
the poster for music geeks
Music Geeks
Cover of Music Geeks Magazine.
an image of a bunch of colorful objects in the shape of a cubed building
Isometric Mayhem
Isometric Mayhem personal art print.
an image of a cartoon character surrounded by many different things in the room and on the wall
D Prints
Poster Print for D Prints in China.