Yogi Fahmi Riandito

Welcome to the magical universe of Yogi Fahmi Riandito. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Yogi creates fantastical imagery full of nuance and atmosphere – capturing…
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a drawing of a baseball player in the process of throwing a ball with his glove
Baseball Player
a woman with black hair and blue eyes is talking on her cell phone while wearing a white shirt
Earing Girl
an image of people playing guitars together
Guitarists Illustration
two baseball players are in the batters box
a man playing a pink guitar while sitting on the ground with an electric cord in his hand
a person holding a paintbrush in their hand with colorful ink splatters on it
Painting Brushes
two people holding hands in front of a pink sky with white flowers and stars above them
The Sunset
an animated image of a man standing on top of a building looking at the sky
The Boy and His Dream
a book cover for the last by elcasa delarre with an image of a dragon
The Last Book
the book cover for the knight by narrah drreenn is shown in two different colors
The Knight
a book cover with an image of fighter jets flying in the sky
A Whisper In The Sky Book Cover
a book cover with an illustration of two people sitting on a bench looking at the city
Kado Terbaik Book Cover
a book cover for kado terbana by j s k harren
J.S. Khairen's Kado Terbaik Book
a book cover with an anime character wearing a shirt and tie, standing in front of a hallway
Atlanta Book
a book cover with an image of a person standing in front of a cityscape
Book Back Cover