Double duty furniture, saving space in style! A great idea for an office/guest bedroom.

Shirt package

Standard Dress Shirt - eliminating excess packaging / by Jille Natalino, Elizabeth Kelley, Rob Hurst, Joanna Milewski, via Behance. Very cool packaging design

Fashion Show Invitation Card

“ For the celebration of Acne Paper’s issue — the elegant issue — Daniel Carlsten constructed an invite reflecting the dress code of the event.

Stafidenios Raisins Box by Matadog Design

Fun Toy Packaging - Stafidenios Raisins Boxes Become Toys When the Treats Have Depleated


Very clever and creative packaging for light bulbs. They even come with a recipe book inside. I really like the idea of the bulbs being represented as soft serve ice cream and frosting; it is very original.


I used to use these clips as Barbie purses. I need a life-size one!