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Cedar wax wings - had a small flock of them descend upon my apple tree today.

Cedar wax wings - had a small flock of them descend upon my apple tree today.

Cendrawasih from Papua island, Indonesia, .this picture taken from cendrawasih show at Sawinggrai village, Raja Ampat island, Papua

EUROPEAN BEE EATER which is indeed a beautiful bird. The bird run’s about in length. The butterfly is Danaus chrysippus, known as the Plain Tiger or African Monarch, is a common butterfly, widespread in Asia and Africa with a wingspan of about

"Peacock Turkey," by Eyal for a Thanksgiving Photoshop contest -- This totally made me laugh! I had just seen a cartoon where one turkey was asking another if he thought his peacock disguise would fool them.if it had looked like this, it just might!

Black Shouldered Kite, almost finished his dinner. The Catch III

Photographer Krishnan Venkitachalam Rare picture of parent birds saving their baby

Nothing tastes the same without you to share it. Telling me to keep tasting, keep flying, keep living. I must continue to do that in honor of you and your love for life.

Kite's namesake (Red Kite -- The Red Kite was saved from national extinction by one of the world's longest running protection programmes, and has now been successfully re-introduced to England and Scotland.

Firebird - Painting by Ruth Sanderson. Chart design by Michele Sayetta for Heaven and Earth Designs. (Design is retired.

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