Wimbo Prasojo

Wimbo Prasojo

Hanya ingin hidup damai..dan barokah
Wimbo Prasojo
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Desk in a closet

Not that I have an empty closet, but i do like this."Closet Office" - Turn your un-used closet/reading nook into an office space. Maximize the little space with lots of shelving and storage *LIKE CORNER DESK/nook & shelving for office corner

Use an old book cover to hide your internet router

re-style your wireless internet router {diy}! pretty much a genius idea. Just put spacers between the book and router to help with ventilation!

More cord hiding ideas

Image Source: Customizing and decorating a shoe box organizer is easy. This DIY project can come in handy when your family wants to charge their phones in every corner of the house. This shoe box …

SO CUTE!!Just a decorative shoe box or a rectangular box and cut some holes on one side. Then cut another hole on the shorter end and put an outlet thing in the box. Then plug in some chargers and thread them through the holes. You can also label what cord is going through the hole.

Kind of a fun idea. Even if you don't have a dorm there are some really cute DIY projects *This old cardboard shoe box can be transformed into a pretty organizer for your ugly cords.

Command Hooks for Organizing the Kitchen

Why didn't I think of that? - Command Hooks + Wire Basket = additional storage under the sink. This has great ideas on organizing under sink. I totally wnat to get a slide out drawer for under my sink to go with this basket!