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Here’s a quick look at one of the most interesting developments in the hunting industry in a long time. The Crosman Pioneer Airbow uses compressed air to launch arrows at speeds traditional bows can’t match. The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is neither a bow nor a rifle,… More »

Lightning Look: The Crosman Pioneer Airbow

REMINGTIME weapon, Sergey Tsimmer on ArtStation at

By Sergey Tsimmer

Concept of futuristic SMG for fictional scenario. It is energy based. No ammo but battery sockets in the handle. Design is minimalist. Front mask contains "Barrel", camera and light at the bottom. ...

LAS-Enfield-primary by peterku on DeviantArt. Looks like a destiny weapon to me

Vss-3000 by on @DeviantArt

Concept of sci fi pulse rifle. It is energy equipment. No projectiles at all. Battery is socketed in rear sections beh.

aquaponics | Aquaponics Pictures | Aqua Botantical

United States and Global Aquaponics Market 2017 - Backyard Aquaponics, Aquaponics USA, PentairAES, Gothic Arch Greenhouses, Stuppy

Hydroponics Infographic - types of hydroponics systems and more information

Hydroponics Infograp Hydroponics Infographic - types of hydroponics systems and more information

Hydroponics Infographic - How does it work?

[CasaGiardino] ♡ Hydroponics - all about how it works - infographic

Vertical windmill

Vertical Windmills The newest idea for harvesting the wind is nearly 900 years old. Vertical windmills, like the Wind Tower from Windaus Turbines of Ontario, can crank out 50 percent more power than.

Plants that clean indoor air - going to look into getting a couple!

10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air. I like the aloe plant: it's useful for your skin, pretty to look at, and cleans indoor air.

I Love You Animation

:) ((( ))) Missing someone is your heart remainder you love them ^V^ ^V^