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Cloud Strife Final Fantasy by Bosmitze. Wow! Amazing job on the artwork.

While drawing this pic I think I watched 5 billion minutes worth of Final Fantasy AMV's. Gotta get into that gloomy, depressing Cloud mode, ya know?

Tokyo Ghoul

I'm going to try to draw him, as I'm working on my art school portfolio. I draw anime characters and still lives. (Life(s)? Comment who/what anime I should draw! After I finish this SUPER HOT Kaneki Ken of course

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. Seriously, this character is so sad :( All he wanted was to go on a date with a girl, but then he gets dragged into the world of ghouls....poor kaneki :( (SYL)

Ken réveille toi, je sais que c est dur d être seul mais on va venir t aider