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How to build your own mandala. Look for radial symmetry of 8 or Mandalas can be created on paper, in the earth, or by using repeating found objects such as leaves, twigs and flowers. (Mandalas can be many things, yknoww)

Mindful mantras to teach your children ... with coloring sheets and "lessons" to help you! #mindfulness #parenting

Mindful Mantras for Kids

Mindful Mantras for Kids < includes lessons and coloring sheets. children can use when they need to skillfully deal with their anger, nervousness, or frustration. ***use magazine pics for older kids

Breathing exercise to help de-stress. I have practiced this for over 30 years, and I can testify to it's effectiveness.

Mindfulness-Breathing exercise to help de-stress. I have practiced this for over 30 years, and I can testify to it's effectiveness.

Printable activity for children to learn mindful breathing! #mindfulness #counseling #education #socialwork #parenting

Unwind your anger printable activity

I am excited to release a new activity page to accompany my newest book Ursula Unwinds Her Anger . The book teaches children mindfulness and relaxation skills such as deep breathing and noticing fe.

Peaceful, guided relaxation scrips help children and teens relieve stress, improve self-esteem, and more. (Free downloads!)

Guided Relaxation Scripts

How To Draw Mandalas (And Why You Want To)

How To Draw Mandalas (and why you want to)

How To Draw Mandalas (And Why You Want To) - where my personal mandala journey began.

101 Affirmations for Children.

101 Affirmations for Children Love this idea! Art affirmation cards that can be used on the go for children and of course adults.

Creative journaling

Free Art Journal Class

The Bye Bye Boat – a guided meditation for kids to help them let their worries go

A lovely guided visualisation for kids - letting go of worries & anger.

Meditation for kids = we may playfully instruct the child in body awareness by saying, "Feel that you are a statute until I count to 10. Now bend your elbows and now straighten your arms." We give similar instructions with the legs and may ask them to wiggle their toes, and so on. This takes their awareness through the body

Meditation offers a perfect forum for practicing new skills, whether athletic, academic or simple centering. Meditation also helps children better process their emotions and improve relationships with siblings, parents, and classmates.

Little Namaste Yoga - Pranayama breathing exercises

It saves the day :) inhale thru your nose; teeth together,tongue pressed against low teeth.slowly hiss all the breathe out of u .breathe thru nose.