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Wonderful Decorative Plants for Living Room : Indoor Plants

In feng shui plants play an important role. Plants bring a life force into your home. Use the correct plants for changing the chi or energy and watch your mood change.

A beautiful tropical indoor plant with broad leaves resembling the ear of an elephant.

The reverse side, too low humidity, isn't good for people or plants either. There are a number of unique pests that may be rid of with this plant.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

in black finish – Large Geometric Glass Terrarium / Icosidodecahedron / Globe Terrarium / Handmade Glass Planter / Stained Glass Terrarium

in love with… prism terrariums

in love with… prism terrariums Learning about shapes while growing living plants. Children construct their learning.

topiary Template

With a tripod template as a guide, it is easier to trim plants into even, well-proportioned cones. Tie 3 bamboo poles of appropriate height together at the top. The feet of the poles can be spread or pulled closer to form a broader or taller cone.