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Running man. This show is just too funny. With all of their crazy antics, fun games, and a great cast that treats each other like family, is why this is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Running Man ♡ 런닝맨 not a drama but I don't care, the board should just be titled Korean obsession - so true, Running Man should basically be called 'Endorphins'

Mongji gary monday couple

Running Man ♥ Monday Couple ♥ Kdramas ♥ Kpop ♥ and more.

Running Man Monday Couple Song Jihyo and Gary

Running Man Monday Couple Song Jihyo and Gary. hoping one day they'll be a real couple

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Lee Kwang Soo

This episode had me crying because I was laughing so much at Kwangsoo being the "tough guy" lmfao, ily Kwangsoo ❤️

‘Running Man’ co-stars HaHa & Lee Kwang Soo snap a photo together #allkpop

"‘Running Man’ co-stars HaHa Lee Kwang Soo - my favorite running man members

Lee Kwang Soo <3

The popular Lee Kwang Soo is the newest face and representative for "dal. The coffee brand announced the news of Lee Kwang Soo being selected as their newest model with his first few promotional pictures.