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a man holding a purple tie in his right hand while standing next to another person
Why Curved Swords Are Better Than Straight Swords
a black and white poster with red lines on it
Bujinkan Ninjutsu Ninja Melbourne
four pictures of different types of blue ribbons
the instructions for making a knot on a wooden stick
instructions for how to tie a ribbon around an umbrella handle and other things in the background
four pictures of different types of ropes attached to an umbrella with the same length and width
an umbrella with a rope attached to it on the ground next to a pole and wall
Old sageo simple knot
two swords are on top of a wooden stand
two knives are laying next to each other on a bed with a red and white ribbon
a man in white shirt and black tie holding a bat with both hands while standing next to a wall
龍村自斎 on Twitter
four different types of swords are shown in this image and the same type is black with gold accents
Elegant Koshirae with Kizami Saya