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pink flowers are blooming in the middle of some green leaves and trees behind them
Hong Kong Orchid Tree
a purple flower with green leaves on a black background
Endre Balogh Artwork Collection: Color Flowers
a drawing of pink flowers and green leaves on a branch with a cross in the background
Sally Bunker - Society of Botanical Artists
Sally Bunker - The Society of Botanical Artists
a person is drawing flowers with colored pencils
Bauhinia purpurea, 40х50см Moscow Botanical exhibition
Bauhinia purpureaIris watercolor illustration by Victoria Mezenova. #botanicalillustration #botanical #watercolorflowers #watercolor
a painting of pink flowers and green leaves on a white background with buildings in the background
Julia Patience - Hong Kong Orchid Tree Bauhinia Blakeana - Realism Paintings For Sale - Buy Watercolour Artwork