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FAN MADE: Assembly Of Decent Artwork Inspired By The Avengers Movie!
Captain's shield
the captain is holding his shield in front of him and looking at something with an evil look on his face
Captain America by on @deviantART
captain america is flying through the air with his shield in hand and fire coming out from behind him
Captain America by John Gallagher *
an image of a star trek emblem on a dark blue background with white stars and stripes
6 Minimalist Posters Inspired by Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Printables] - Blog
Captain America Winter Soldier Poster
captain america is standing in front of the sky with his hands on his hips and looking down
Captain America: The First Avenger 11x17 Movie Poster (2011)
Captain America: The First Avenger 11x17 Movie Poster (2011)
a man standing in front of a captain america shield
Recipe: Mozzacado Sandwich
Captain America in The Winter Soldier
the captain's shield symbol is shown in black and silver with a white star on it
Captain America shield
captain america is standing with his shield on his back and looking at the camera,
This Infinite Paradox
*Captain America*
captain america the winter soldier poster is shown in black and white, with a star on it's shield
once upon a time...
Captain America--I will get around to watching this sometime. I will, I promise.
a man in uniform is posing for the camera
Steve Rogers/Captain America/Chris Evans
a man in uniform is looking at the camera
15 Perfect Smiles You Can't Help But Fall In Love With
That smirk though. Love me some Steve Rogers :P Check out the website for more