One Direction for British GQ | Behind the Scenes Exclusive

One Direction Exclusive Photo Shoot for British GQ (lista de reproducción)


The Braid Breakdown - Everyone knows it, braids are in style. If you have ever done a braid and thought "Why doesn't my braid look like her braid?" Then this braid breakdown is for you :)

girl at afternoon

girl at afternoon

sexy hair

Since I have travelled to Russia, I started to obsess on flowers and flowers crowns. Not to mention flower crown in Hong Kong, we can barely.

sexy Girl Style hair

boho hair - Great for bridesmaid on a Summer wedding on the beach Love it! --The dress!

Pict of Girl

The silhouette of the girl fading into the forest is a great use of Photoshop. The message of the picture may not be clear to everyone, but the design is very well done. The contrast between black and white is always a nice aspect to incorporate.