Barbell Curl workout

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Barbell Curl workout

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Push It Tri-Set - 3 Exercises, 1 Workout, Serious Results Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise
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Push It Tri-Set

Over the past few weeks, I have been simplifying my personal workouts. More often than not, the session consists of just 3-4 exercises. Over the last four Sundays, I have been focusing on one workout in particular that includes just three exercises, but...

This Bent Over Row will work the often neglected Posterior Deltoid muscle.  Be sure to keep your torso parallel to the ground.
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14 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back and Core

These strength exercises target the muscles of the back, including dumbbell pullovers, dumbbell rows and back extensions. Includes pictures and detailed instructions.

Build A Beautiful Back: Master the Barbell Row. In this FIT LIFE episode, Nicole discusses a fundamental back-building exercise–the Barbell Row. Check out this video and learn how to master the row!

Build A Beautiful Back

MET-Rx presents The Fit Life with Nicole Wilkins – Episode 72 Out of sight, out of mind. Back muscles are often neglected in training, but are critical for a balanced, injury-free physique. (And...they look fab in a backless dress!) In this FIT LIFE...

9 Burn-Tastic Ways to Tone Up with a Barbell

This one piece of equipment is a total multitasker.

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5 Weight-Lifting Moves That'll Help You Drop a Size (Or More)

Strength training isn't one-sex-fits-all. Sculpt muscle and drop pounds with this routine tailored for women.

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This Workout Is A Serious Squat Test But Your Butt Will Thank You

It's so worth it!

Barbell Split Squat

9 Burn-Tastic Ways to Tone Up with a Barbell

This one piece of equipment is a total multitasker.

Barbell Shoulder Press
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9 Burn-Tastic Ways to Tone Up with a Barbell

This one piece of equipment is a total multitasker.

The 9 Best Butt Exercises

A Stability Ball Is The Most Underrated Booty-Building Tool Ever

Like ever, ever.

Volleyball Player Nora Tobin's High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout Routine | Shape Magazine
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Sculpt a Body like a Volleyball Pro

Steal this athlete's favorite workout to tighten up from head to toe.

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9 Burn-Tastic Ways to Tone Up with a Barbell

This one piece of equipment is a total multitasker.

One (of 6) of the best exercises for women: barbell rows

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These weight training exercises from trainer Rachel Cosgrove will help you tone up, slim down, and get your best workout ever.

Cathe Friedrich - Cathe, Jai and Greg

Cathe, Jai and Greg • Cathe Friedrich

Cathe, Jai and Greg doing a Slide Back Lunge with Paper Plate during Meso #1 – Legs

Dead lift: How to Do Barbell Deadlift - www.
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How to Do a Barbell Deadlift Exercise Properly - Fitwirr

The barbell deadlift is a compound exercise that is used to develop strength and size in the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Reverse curls for the Brachioradialis and Biceps.  Note on this picture how she is using the EZ curl bar, and her hands are not flat, like on a regular flat bar.  The flat bar will place very high stress on your elbows and will often lead to injury.  Note how she is properly keeping her elbows at her side and is not letting them swing forward like a dweeb. Technique !
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Bad boy barbell workout strategies to increase biceps and triceps size - DIY Health | Do It Yourself Health Guide by Dr Prem

The arm is made of three main muscles: biceps, triceps and forearms. Biceps and triceps are involved in all the exercises including chest, shoulder and back work outs, so it has to be strong. To make them strong, you need some specific exercises that work

EZ bar curl exercise
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Best arm exercises for great results | Page 6 of 8 | Weight Training Guide

Use the best arm exercises to get the best possible results at the gym! Learn how to perform the exercises properly and the exact muscles that they target.