Indonesia Flag at Top of Semeru Mountain (mahameru)

Angin Mamiri - The Sounds of Indonesia - Addie MS Producer : Garuda Indonesia Music Arranger : Fero Aldiansya Stefanus City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor : Addie MS Concert Maste

The red and white of Indonesia flag represented purity and courage respectively

I was admin / new member here. This is the flag of the country where I come from.

Indonesian flag

Here you can see the Indonesian flag. My father comes from Indonesia.

indonesia flag

I'm proud to be Indonesian, born in this exotic place.

Making Indonesia Flag Making Indonesia Flag - Do you need Indonesia Flag? Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks. JenniliciousShop on facebook.

Merah Putih Bendera ku, Jati Diri ku!

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