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Cumi Tauco by #pedhesresto

Vape is the new selfie. Oxford Dictionaries, publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, has named the e-cigarette-related term the 2014 word of the year, a title previously bestowed upon selfie and gif. #VapeProVari

What Exacly Is In Your E-Liquid? As the use of e-cigarettes continues to rise on a daily basis and more and more e-liquids become available on the market, we feel it is important that all vapers get to know exactly what goes in to their e-liquid - both for their own personal health and safety, but also so they can ensure they enjoy the best quality e-liquids suited to their own individual tastes. #eliquid #ejuice #vaping #vape #ecigs #electroniccigarettes #ecig #vapecommunity

5 Things You Didn’t Know About E-Cigarettes. This infographic aims to educate those who may be wondering how an #e-cigarette works and how the device might benefit them.