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four different pokemon memes with captions in the middle one says, who's that? wrong? it's your good friend beele strong
a painting of a woman with red hair and blood on her face, looking to the side
Maedhros by nam_cheon_ on Instagram
an image of the characters in harry potter's book, which is illustrated on parchment paper
an image of a woman with red hair in a space station uniform holding her hand on her chest
Maedhros by j.sgrey on Instagram
reading the Silmarillion seriously for the first time which means my tolkien brainrot is back with a vengeance i feel like im in middle school again. if youre not a tolkien person, if you follow me i believe youd still enjoy a pretty and pathetic red head with pointy ears 🫶
the before and after pictures of an old map
Map of Beleriand
a black and white text description for monopoly
There wasn't many positive categories in this one, everyone loses it in monopoly! I just realised I forgot Maglor, how could I!!!! He'd probably bring up personal stuff too idk
an image of trees in the woods with numbers and names on it's side
an iphone screenshot showing the names and dates of all major cities in each country
a piece of paper with words written in it that say fun fact about machros
two comics with one saying, i don't know what they are talking to each other
2. Kidnap dads. Maglor. by Alyruko
two people sitting in the grass with one holding a sign that says you can't name him the child