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two quesadillas stacked on top of each other next to an avocado
Mini Avocado & Hummus Quesadilla Recipe {Healthy Snack}
Mini Avocado and Hummus Quesadilla Recipe {Healthy Snack} | #snack #vegetarian
roasted carrot strips are great for babies and kids
Roasted Carrot Strips - Healthy Little Foodies
Crispy and chewy, sweet and delicious; these roasted carrot strips are sure to win over even the most notorious carrot haters out there! Perfect as a snack, both hot and cold, or pop them in your sandwich for a different flavour and a texture boost. Great in the lunch box or as part of the main meal. Made for baby-led weaning, great for picky eaters and truly addictive. Once you make these you are sure to be hooked! #carrots #kidsfood #babyledweaning
the best cannoli dip recipe with chocolate chips and strawberries on the side
Cannoli Dip
This is the Best Cannoli Dip Recipe made with ricotta cheese, mascarpone or cream cheese, powdered sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, and mini chocolate chips.
some food that is on a table next to a bowl and paper towel with something in it
Homemade Goldfish Crackers With Organic Ingredients
Homemade Goldfish Crackers With Organic Ingredients
a person holding a spoon in a jar filled with brownie batter and chocolate frosting
Edible Brownie Batter Cookie Dough (Vegan and Gluten Free Options)
This edible brownie batter cookie dough is the best of both worlds! You get the creamy texture of cookie dough with the rich flavor of brownie batter. I've even included dairy free (vegan) and gluten free options! #browniebatter #ediblecookiedough #ediblebrowniebatter #veganrecipes #butternutbakery
a white bowl filled with cooked chickpeas on top of a marble countertop
Everything But the Bagel Chickpeas
You've got to try this Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning recipe! These crispy, baked chickpeas make for the ultimate Everything but the Bagel Seasoning recipe, giving pops of flavor to any dish. One of the best ways to use these seasoned chickpeas is on top of avocado toast, tossed in a salad, or enjoyed all on their own! #traderjoes #everythingbutthebagelseasoning #healthysnack
a person dipping sauce into some food on a wooden platter with spinach balls
kale bites with lemon ranch dressing - Husbands That Cook
kale bites with lemon ranch dressing
a platter filled with sweet potatoes and dipping sauce
Pretzel Bites with Feta Pesto Dip
Chewy, salty pretzel bites are served with a whipped feta and pesto dip. These Pretzel Bites are easy to make and make the perfect snack for serving a crowd!
french fries on a plate with dipping sauce
Killer Garlic Fries (Air Fryer or Oven Baked) |