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Your skin is a canvas; decorate it if you can handle it.
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the moon with flowers on it is drawn in black and white, as well as an arrow
Moon and flowers tattoo idea to color -
a woman's arm with pink roses and an old pocket watch tattoo on it
a woman's leg with a tattoo of an old school cassette tape on it
60+ Best Music Tattoos To Show Off Your Love For Good Tunes
a drawing of the moon with stars in the sky and sunburst above it
a drawing of a flower on the moon
Pin by Marta Elena on pa bordar | Line art tattoos, Simplistic tattoos, Tattoos
a black and white drawing of the letter c with flowers on it's side
a pencil drawing of a skull with a rose in it's mouth and an inverted triangle
Geometric Rose & Skull
a tattoo with flowers on the leg and one flower in the middle is red, white and blue
My Wife's fresh floral stippling tattoo by Alexx Colombo @ Tattoo Lou's, Selden NY
My Wife's fresh floral stippling tattoo by Alexx Colombo @ Tattoo Lou's Selden NY
black and white photograph of a woman's face with ear piercings on her left side
Helix Ear Tattoos
Helix Tattoo Trend Is Taking Over Instagram, And These 10+ Pics Will Make You Want To Get One Too
a woman's ear with black dots on it and an ear piercing in the middle
Helix tattoo par @kristina000zero
a person with a tattoo on their arm
Rich Hadleyrichhadley @Rich Hadley