The Horror!!! ☠

Since I was 5, I've always loved #Horror. ❤ #HorrorFan #HorrorFilms #HorrorMovies #HorrorTVShows #HorrorShows #HorrorSeries #HorrorTV #HorrorBooks
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a black and white drawing of a skeleton hugging a person in the woods with trees behind them
"Fox" by Thomas Sara.
a drawing of a green and blue skull
Watercolor Skull
a black and white image of a skeleton with its head turned to the side,
a black and white poster with a cat sitting on top of a human skull that says it's friday eve
a drawing of a creepy girl with the caption's saying, i woke you
Creep me out much? For any #Supernatural fans.... where's the salt?! And that's just freaky if that's true. o_O
a man wearing a t - shirt with a skull on it
#Skull #Art
a black and white drawing of a skull with a rose on it's head
Rose & Skull Drawing
a drawing of a colorful skull on a white background
Colorful Skull
a drawing of a skeleton holding a flower
Skeleton Mermaid
a drawing of a skull with red and blue light coming out of it's mouth
three skulls sitting on top of each other in front of a tie dye background with multicolored stains
Colorful Skulls
a drawing of a skull with red roses on it's face and lower half
Flower Skulls