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X-Men has always been my favorite from Marvel; comics, animated series, film series, and TV series alike, since I discovered the "X-Men Animated Series" as a…
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the wolverine character is in action with his claws out
a man in wolverine costume holding his fist up
Wolverine é um personagem fictício que aparece em quadrinhos americanos publicados pela Marvel Comics, principalmente em associação com os X-Men. #Logan #xmen #wolverine #Marvel #MarvelComics
Marvel Comics, Jean Grey, Classic Comics, Jim Lee Art, Rouge, Heroines
the cover to x - men vol 2, featuring an image of a man in armor
Magneto's Empire Will Rise in 'X-Men: Mutant Empire Omnibus'
an image of the face of than - man
comic-books: Artwork for cover of the New... - thisiselliz
a close up of a person wearing a helmet and looking at the camera with an evil look on his face
10 Awesome Super Villains
an image of a man that is in the air with his cape up and lightning behind him
Comics, Webcomics, and other such
an image of a man in red and purple
Magneto Sentinel by Nszerdy on DeviantArt
an illustration of a man in the middle of playing cards with pink ink splatters
gambit full deck wip 2 by Iaresmithy on DeviantArt
the x - men and their mutantss are in front of an orange background
New X-men TV show 'more intimate' than movies, Matt Nix hints
the cover to x - men annual comic book, featuring an image of wolverine and other characters
Cover to “X-Men Annual,” Jim Lee, 1992
an anime poster with all the characters in different colors and sizes, including one man
cover by EdJubey on DeviantArt