kidding me vintage edition by on

In this series we showcase a handpicked selection of some fantastic looking Android and iPhone homescreens and lockscreens.

loook.... im art by on

The Recipe : - Clock home screen : UCCW (azure) - Widget locker (UNTLD) thanks to [link] - Brilliant quote widget - ROM MIUI loook.

Skate and walk everywhare by on @deviantART

The recipe : - Cyantux ROM - ADW launcher ex - Widget locker : square whitet - UCCW : barline - my creativity Skate and walk everywhare

kidding me vintage edition #2 by

Kidding Me Vintage Edition 2 By Yackovskymusic

kidding me? by

The recipe : * MIUI Rom * Briliant quote widget * UCCW : Redline theme * icon : Dribbler HD * LOck screen : SLD down kidding me?

Hello mr Kidding me by on @deviantART

The recipe : - Kitkat Purity ROM - nova launcher prime - Widget locker : Login - UCCW : HS--->allure clock LSritney &&n. Hello mr Kidding me

Animal Abstract by on @deviantART

Animal Abstract by on @deviantART

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