Yusuf Agustono

Yusuf Agustono

Terlahir dengan nama Yusuf Septa Agustono, bukan anak orang kaya, bukan anak orang berpunya, tapi masih bisa hidup hingga kini. berparas jawa-sunda terbantu hi
Yusuf Agustono
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A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember quote- this is what I should say when people ask me why I listen to a lot of sad music :)

t h e d o w n f a l l o f u s a l l  - a d t r

Downfall of us All! ADTR - This is a VERY difficult thing to do especially when this person has been for you EVERYDAY for the past three years!

m i s s m i s s i n g y o u - f o b

And I heard you got it got it so bad, 'cuz I am the best you'll never have. Baby, you were my picket fence I miss missing you now and then. Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy