Check out this cute hijab style you can make using your square scarves folding them into a triangle, it covers your chest and back beautifullly and give you a loose look for spring and summer styles. Here are the steps…

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hijab fashion styles 2015

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Freaking Random: Shawl / Pahmina Hijab Tutorials Collection

This is the simple classic wrap of hijab anyone can make, it's easy and quick to wear, it's basically apashmina hijab style, it looks gorgeous with colors and prints, with solid colors or ombrés. To create this look, follow the…

Basic Everyday Hijab Tutorial ♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

This hijab tutorial is all about the turkish hijab class, their style is so elegant and classy, The sad thing about turkish hijab looks, is that they usually use silk scarves which don't stick on everyone's head, I'm talking out…

Cute Simple & Easy Hijab Tutorial

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