Java -  Woodbury & Page  C. 1850-60

JAVA WOODBURY (WALTER BENTLEY) and JAMES PAGE. Two albums comprising a total of 60 topographical views and portraits in Java, predominantly in and around Batavia, together with 29 loose photographs, also from the Woodbury & Page studio, a few

Raden Ajoe Danoe Dirdjo istri muda raden saleh n pembantunya 1875 1885

Raden Ajoe Danoe Dirdjo, the young wive of Raden Saleh and her personal maid 1875 1885

King Rama IV .... This picture was published by Khun Pipat Pongrapeeporn (The Director of the Art and Culture Foundation of Bangkok) in a book called “Phap Mum Khwang Khong Krung Thep Phra Maha Nakhon Nai Samai Ratchakan Thi 4: KanKhonPhop Mai” (“Panorama of Bangkok in the Reign of King Rama IV: A New Discovery”. The pictures were taken by royal court photographer Khun Sunthornsathitsalak (Christian name: Francis Chit).  | via: Siam, Thailand & Bangkok Old Photo Thread - Page 182…

Siam, Thailand & Bangkok Old Photo Thread - Page 182

Indonesia - Sumatera Barat province | "Three female guests at a Minangkabau wedding"  || ©National Museum of World Cultures, Leiden, Netherlands. // TM-10005053

Minangkabau ladies from Koto Gadang - Indian influence on local fashion