Making jewelry calms me

jewelry making Lynn Arts Inc Building Community Through The Arts 2015 - 2016

we go to Pakistan every year

we go to Pakistan every year

I don't care how others do things and accept it even though I disagree

"Agree To Disagree" host Brian Engelman welcomes John Correia of "Active Self Protection" or "ASP" to discuss: - Situational Awareness, - Self defense & fir.

I lock myself in a room to get away from everyone and often end up reflecting on things I have done

Lea Michele posta primeira foto no set da nova temporada de 'Glee' Divirta-se Se Liga!

I have moments of peace

Our culture is obsessed with winning. Allowing the heart to lose a little, let go a little, and not care a little can help release worry self-aversion.

I am curious

Curious City from WBEZ - questions/answers about Chicago including history, culture, myth-busting, etc!

I read the Quran every day

Former Bishop of Oxford, Lord Harries, suggested in the House of Lords that the next coronation service in Westminster Abbey should include readings from the koran.

go to mosque every Sunday for Sunday school

use this to print out for kids to paint the watercolor blocking ideas previously…