Beautiful Wisteria is like a blanket of flowers. Masses of sweetly scented blooms, also a good place for the birdbath too. I love Wisterias!

Natural geometry

Funny pictures about The Beauty Of Nature. Oh, and cool pics about The Beauty Of Nature. Also, The Beauty Of Nature photos.

On the highest mountain in Taipei, Datun Mountain, you can see the beautiful sea of clouds during late winter or early spring. If you are lucky enough, the air is clear enough to see very far away, with the stars and the city's colorful lights twinkling through the clouds.

On the highest mountain in Taipei--Datun Mountain, you can see the beautiful sea of clouds during late winter and early spring. If the air is clear enough, you can see the city lights twinkling from below and the stars twinkling from above.

I must have flowers, always, and always.  ? Claude Monet

Beautiful ranunculus blooms - remind me of my wedding bouquet.

Chrysanthemum Crown,  'Jenny pink'

chrysanthemum Crown - Jenny pink Chrysanthemums, sometimes called mums or…

Tulip field in the Skagit Valley of Washington • photo: Rkival on Flickr

Tulip fields, Skagit Valley, Washington state in April

~~Lavender Chiffon Dahlia~~

Lavender Chiffon Dahlia - from Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs

purple lotus #flowers

purple_Lotus_Flower - Lotus Flower animation - Animated / animation / - by Bahman Farzad, via Flowers


Autumn Path, The Enchanted Wood -- photo: Lin Amadeus

Singapore Plumeria, my favorite Hawaiian tree fragrant, make lovely leis.

Cherry Blossom Lanterns, Malaysia

Cherry Blossom Lanterns, Sakura, Japan I think I have a thing with lights >_<


lindasinklings: ranaculas (by mellow_stuff)

Green and White Ranunculus Flowers Garden.

flowersgardenlove:  Orchids Flowers Garden Love

light pink cymbidium orchids: all year


Double Delight rose -- cream and pink with a strong fragrance. A sentimental rose: )

Soft lines soft pastel shades reminds me of love out is ever more beautiful when it is most tender sweet and funny in the best of ways. Loving the essence of tenderness through flowers and colors that remind me of joy, bliss and sweet serenity.