Benefits and wisdom of Quran. SubhanAllah.

Power of Quran…

Nothing. I was about to say...I feel like I have nothing; I feel like nothing. Then this is the first thing to pop up on my feed. Can you believe that? God has given me everything.

When Allah is your strength, nothing can break you

Sujood a love story

Sujood a love story so deep 🌌✨

im going to stay awake all night and pray, and sleep during the day :D i'll wake up right when its time to open roza :D

islamic-quotes: Sleep less, pray more. More islamic quotes HERE


# Holy Qur'an solved all problems.

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our prophet

I love Muhammad Sallahu Aalahi Wa salam

Also, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam try to read the translation coupled with your recitation, as in reading it (i.e. the translation) lies a great benefit as well because one gets to learn about that which will earn Allah's pleasure and how to stay away from that which will earn His displeasure.

I just finished reading the holy Quran