so totally adorable (I used to have a pet bunny that just hopped around and was litter box trained!) -->I want a pet bunny that just hops around the house and is litter box trained.

Example: a rabbit could have 1 egg cup of pellets and a pile of hay per day, plus a selection of vegetables. One day it might be a cauliflower leaf and fresh basil/parsley and another day blackberry leaves, fresh grass and a small carrot.

The 3 a day diet for a happy healthy bunny! a leaf of kale, a bowl of herbs and a few handfuls of grass and a couple homemade treats (which are as good as pellets)! chews on apple and willow sticks.

Früchte, die Kaninchen essen dürfen.

Safe fruits for your rabbit. ♥ Loved and pinned by Noah's Ark Mobile Vet Service

Rabbit Hay Feeder and Tray plus Accessories by KraftyCreature need but also dont feed rabbits corn

Rabbits hide signs of illness; these subtle behaviour changes may signal your rabbit is unwell.

Rabbit behavior

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