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Hello, mate! #hario #v60 #blend #5vs1 #ArabikaGayo #RobustaLampung - at Kalamangga.Net HQ

Hello, mate! #hario #v60 #blend #5vs1 #ArabikaGayo #RobustaLampung - at Kalamangga.Net HQ

Creating a network using R

On January, 10 2016 David Bowie left this earthly realm. Last month I decided to create a network and here is how to do that.

DIY Amp / Watt Hour Volt Meter - Arduino

Major corrections and additions made For my off-grid Ham Radio and Solar projects, I needed a way to measure volts, amps, watts, amp hours an.

EaaS The Death of Packaged Software Infographic

This infographic from Engine Yard presents some fascinating statistics on the death of packaged software and the era of everything-as-a-service.


So many times I have been asked for help with a query, where the question really comes down to the understanding of the difference between INNER and LEFT or RIGHT JOINs. I created this poster a few years ago and…Read more ›