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an animated scene from the movie beauty and the beast
Ursula Questions Ariel by Arielfan90 on DeviantArt
the little mermaid is sitting on her stomach and looking at an animal in front of her
Lady Gaga changes from seashell bra to octopus costume performing
an animated image of a woman with large wings flying through the air and looking at something
When you've let out such a big one that you've got no energy left to live.
an image of the evil queen and prince in disney's animated movie, beauty and the beast
an image of a cartoon character holding a fish
an animated character sitting on top of an octopus
an image of two monsters in the dark
Ursula 11 x 17 Print
Ursula attacking Ariel and Prince  Eric. Comic Art, Marvel, Mermaid Disney
Ursula, The Sea Witch
a stained glass window with an octopus in it's stomach and tentacles on the bottom
Usula Stain glass window by Morloth88 on DeviantArt