Patron vestido camisero

Blouse with opening and middle collar. blouse modeling scheme with opening and middle collar

blazer остальные расмеры тут

blazer остальные расмеры тут

sleeves. basic construction

Changing the shape and height of the sleeve-cap alters the angle that the sleeve joins to the bodice and how restricted or not the movement of the arm will be.

Tunik (İcLaL)

Without the headcovering and the heavy goldchain it is a really nice light spring coat.

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Collection of patterns/directions on how to make various aprons from frilly, grilling, mens, kids, from a pillowcase, 1/2, full, crossbody and vintage look.

Now I can make all those super cute aprons I see--DIY Frilly Aprons! Here's a collection of links for adorable apron patterns.