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An acrylic jar with a cute notepad to write a memory to place inside for the graduation. Every decor detail matches so perfectly to get this graduation party dolled up.

Fan Backdrop Graduation Decor. It's very necessary to create a beautiful backdrop for your graduation party. Display fans in gold, black and white to match the graduation theme. All the diploma and stars add up for graduation flavor to this backdrop.

Graduation Banner Decoration. This handmade banner uses sunflower yellow acrylic paint for the swirl accents and ribbons bows of the same color to coordinate with the theme of the party to create a unique and vintage style.

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I NEED this page in my bullet journal!!!

getcha head in the game.

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I like to think of my weekly bullet journal layouts as a weekly hub where I can plan, prioritize, and get a big picture view of the week ahead! via @kimberlyjob

Top saved idea around bullet journals, perfect for hacking your way to a more organized back-to-school season.

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