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What Is VoIP Anyway? #Infographic #Technology #Cloud

Cloud telephony can be very confusing, which is why Gradwell have set out to beat the jargon with this handy infographic. It outlines everything you need to know when it comes to VoIP and the services surrounding it!

BBC Sherlock Quotes - ain't no party like a minimalist party

Sherlock's favorite quotes (Even though I probably already have these.) Why do the other fans feel the need to spell it "JAWN"?

trilogy -- scarecrow, joker, bane

How good is this picture! Scarecrow, Joker Bane and Batman all mixed in one! They should use this for a Batman movie, maybe Batman Returns or something, bringing back this 3 villains. But still, this is truly fantastic.

Gold Coast Australia, Hot Air Baloon

Gold Coast Australia, Hot Air Baloon

Singapore's Chinatown - Singapore, Central Area

This photo from Central Area, Central is titled 'Singapore's Chinatown'.

Opera House and Sydney Skyline - Sydney, New South Wales

This photo from New South Wales, East is titled 'Opera House and Sydney Skyline'.

Afternoon At Lake Toba - Tuk-tuk, Sumatera Utara

Afternoon At Lake Toba - Tuk-tuk, Sumatera Utara

Bromo View - Bromo, Jawa Timur

This photo from Jawa Timur, Java is titled 'Bromo View'.

Prambanan Silhouette - Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta

This photo from Yogyakarta, Java is titled 'Prambanan Silhouette'.