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Characters: Abeno Haruitsuki, Ashiya Hanae, and Fuffy or Moja from Manga, Anime (ONGOING): Fukigen No Mononokean OR The Morose Mononokean

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closed eyes hand on head lucario mega lucario mega pokemon nasnotte petting pokemon pokemon (creature) simple background solo focus


I got: Dragon! These creatures are said to be bigger than life and that they can bring destruction on the earth, or if they meet partner they can be the best of friends. They are also very loyal and brave, as well as strong.

How would you describe yourself?

There are a lot of female anime characters out there so here is yet another character personality test!

Which of these best describes your personality?

「蟠を斬る」 (Wadakama wo Kiru) "Kill Your Cares" If there's anything that I get out of Akame ga Kill every week that's guaranteed, it's the entertainment factor.

How do you express your emotions?

How do you express your emotions?


I got: Lucy! What Anime Character Is Hidden In Your Soul ((How did I mana- wait.)) BTW I got Natsu!