Qur'an surah Yasin (It will be said to them): Salamun (peace be on you), a Word from the Lord (Allah), Most Merciful.

Ya Rabb, please guide me...always.

Wa wajadaka daalan fahada "And He found you lost and guided you." - Quran Surah Ad-Duha و وجدك ضالا فهدى

And yet Most of the Muslims just recite Quran without understanding its meaning or contemplating even one Ayat. Please read just 5-10 ayat or one ruku but ponder on its meaning.

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art-islam-life: “ toobaa: “ “And for him who fears to stand before his Lord are two gardens (i.” —- The Holy Qur’an ” ”

O' my son, observe the prayer,advocate righteousness,forbid evil,and be patient over what has befallen you.These are of the most honorable traits.