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Reaksi Kamu • X1

Cuma seuprit imagine yang harus kamu respon dan imagine itu cuma antara kamu >< member X1 Start : 22/07/2019 End. : -

“or maybe woodz' long hair coming thru? hmm let's just see what's in store for us, one its. i also don't wanna pressure him coloring his hair that requires heavy bleaching ; he looks perfect with his jet black hair 💕” Produce 101, Mamamoo, Monsta X, Tattoo Wallpaper, Got7, Yohan Kim, Rapper, Jimin, Korean Artist

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“[★203회 더쇼초이스 후보③] 엑깅이들 셀카 본 사람들은 다 타지로 이사간다지.... X1이라는 판타지....☆ #X1_엑스원 #FLASH #더쇼 #THESHOW @x1official101”

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“200227 instagram #조승연 #WOODZ”

cho seungyoun x you ' chú già ơi ' ' ơi? Dream Baby, Fandom, Kpop Boy, Pop Group, Boyfriend Material, K Idols, Future Husband, Memes, Rapper

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“190908 심석홀 팬싸인회 #조승연 #승연 #CHOSEUNGYOUN #チョスンヨン #X1 #엑스원”

who stan a mess? Cute Asian Guys, Asian Boys, Asian Men, K Pop, Jaewon One, Sexy, Korean Men, Kpop Boy, Record Producer

𝐂ⵢ𝐘. on Twitter

“ตอนถ่ายเขาบรีฟแกว่าอะไรวะซึงยอน เอาท่าที่คิดว่าฆ่าคนตายงี้หรอ ฮือหัวใจฉัน ㅠ_____ㅠ”

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“X1 membership official kit seungyoun photocards”

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“190908 KBS 심석홀 팬싸인회 LOVE YOU ! •́ε•̀ #조승연 #CHOSEUNGYOUN #X1 #엑스원 #마법소년”

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𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘦, #𝙴𝚀𝚄𝙰𝙻 on Twitter

“he's perfect. 🌫 ㅡ #조승연 #엑스원 #SEUNGYOUN”

  Ill Never Forget You, Fluffy Hair, Love U Forever, City Wallpaper, Outline Drawings, Learn Korean, Aesthetic Boy, Ulzzang Boy, Jooheon

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  Kpop Logos, Korean Boys Ulzzang, My Pool, Dream Baby, K Idol, Kpop Boy, Boyfriend Material, Rapper, Hair Cuts

𝒉𝒅𝒚. on Twitter

“조승연 홈마님 너무 수고했어요~! 🌴✨ 사진들을 보여주시고 올려주세요~!💛。◝‿◜。💛”

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“[HD]190908 팬사인회 #조승연 #승연 #CHOSEUNGYOUN #SEUNGYOUN #X1 #엑스원 @x1members”

 ⚠️boys love start on 28 july 2019 Boyfriend Photos, Boyfriend Style, Boyfriend Material, How To Speak Korean, Going Solo, My Pool, Dream Baby, Golden Child, K Idol

To My World [hsw ; csy]

kapan ke pelaminan? ⚠️boys love start on 28 july 2019

  Boyfriend Pictures, Boyfriend Style, Boyfriend Material, Jaewon One, Imaginary Boyfriend, My Muse, Korean Artist, My Sunshine, Pop Group

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