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The Camera Strap Necktie - Knot your average camera strap. ($30.00, http://photojojo.com/store)

The Camera Strap Necktie I've always loved ties and sadly have a husband who almost never wears them. This might give me an excuse to buy a nice tie :)

Bentley Continental Supersport!

View detailed pictures that accompany our 2011 Bentley Continental Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features.

2013 Ford Ranger

New Ford cars for 2014 are an attraction among the lovers of powerful pickups and SUVs. We present you compare the very popular pickup Tremor and the most popular SUV models Everest. 2014 Ford F Tremor: is a sporty truck, designed for

DeLorean 500GB HDD in stainless steel

Delorean hard drive in stainless steel, from Flash Rods. Delorean Time Machine not only is a scale replica of that awesome time machine, but also is a working hard drive.

Sombrero Citrus Juicer

The Bottle Top Juicer allows you to add natural flavors to plain bottled water. Simply place the Bottle Top Juicer in the mouth of your favorite bottled water and add fresh lemon or lime instantly!

PF Flyer Grounder Hi

Beloved by many, one of the original American sneaker brand, PF Flyer takes craftsmanship to a whole new level without sacrificing style for comfort.

Six Eight Six Original Snow Toolbelt

The 686 Belt is forged from waterproof leather, features a bottle opener clasp, Philips and flat screwdriver prongs, and a wrench belt loop. This belt can do more than just hold up my pants!