Yordan Ariandy

Yordan Ariandy

Jakarta,Indonesia / Not a hipster but not a follower, not a fashion blogger or a street art designer, not a gadget freak or a socialite, I'm above those system.
Yordan Ariandy
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Eigenharp Alpha

Eigenharp Alpha - I've played a woodwind instrument (the flute) as well as the piano, but to play them simultaneously was never high up on my to do list;


ROLI is rethinking how people interact with traditional musical instruments, beginning with the Seaboard GRAND, a complete reinvention of the traditional musical keyboard.

Parallax Effect

WWF Parallax Sequence By manipulating still photos from the WWF archive we created these stunning slow motion shots. We have created a stand alone film by combining the 'parallax' shots from 2 existing films produced by AD Hoc Films for WWF.

Toyota Fun VII make your cars more fun and personal.

TOYOTA Fun-Vii concept vehicle that heralds a future where people, cars and society are linked — Tokyo Motor Show 2011 * “TOYOTA diji” in Europe