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an architectural structure with glass and steel covering it's roof, in front of a blue sky
a woman wearing white shoes and black pants standing next to a man's feet
Relax time
two tall buildings are lit up at night
Tower klcc
a television mounted on the wall above a bed
Good night 😷
the interior of a car with steering wheel controls
an open book with pictures on it
Lg hobby baca
a shopping cart filled with groceries and food
Belanja bulanan
two people standing on the floor with their feet up
Bioskop sih
someone holding two tickets in their hand
Yok bisa yok nonton
fireworks are lit up in the dark with an experian's logo on it
two images show the view from inside an airplane window, and in another image there is a man sitting on a plane seat with his feet propped up
Healling tipis”
a building with a sign that says tamalen town on it
Welcome to dumai
a red piece of luggage sitting on top of a floor next to a pile of bags
Are you ready
Dumai to pekan baru
the app shows an image of a person playing piano and listening to music on his phone
Sing song
an airplane is parked at the airport on a foggy day
Sultan syarif kasim ll pku
people are walking through an airport with luggage
Sultan syarif kasim II
the wing of an airplane as it flies by on a runway with clouds in the background
Lion air
people waiting in line at an airport for their luggage to be picked up or taken off
Hang nadim airport
rain drops on the windshield of a car as it travels down a road in the distance
Rain rain go away
a person sitting in an airport with their luggage holding up some tickets to the camera
Bth to dmi
a group of people riding on the back of motorcycles in front of tall buildings at night
Lampu merah
an outdoor seating area with tables and chairs
an outside view of a building at night with cars parked in the parking lot and people walking around
Megamall view
there are two pictures of the same restaurant at night
Nomad batam
H & M
H & M
the interior of a car at night with people standing in the background and lights on
rain is falling down on the windshield of a car
Go home
a person holding up a plastic cup with something in it's hand and the words sabatu written on it
Sabtu malam