Extreme angle position

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Aprenda a Criar Incríveis Personagens Originais! Clique no PIN e Acesse o Artigo Completo! 🔺 Pose Reference, Action, Body Reference Drawing, Figure Drawing Reference, Drawing Poses, Drawing Reference
Action Poses - Como Desenhar Melhor, Dicas de Desenho, Como Desenhar e Colorir
a drawing of a car parked in front of a man standing next to the car
湯浅誠 透視図法3.0 on X
Cartoon Art, Character Poses, Kunst
an animated image of a woman riding a bike in front of other people and animals
two anime characters sitting on a train with their feet in the air and one is holding a skateboard
カンタロ(kantaro) on Twitter
two children are walking through the woods with backpacks on their backs and one is carrying a bag
a pencil drawing of a girl in a dress
a drawing of two people playing with each other
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the painting is being displayed on the easel
how to draw an anime character from the side view, with different poses and expressions
漫画素材工房 (@Manga_Materials) / X
three different pictures with people sitting at a table in front of them, and the same drawing
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