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For a moment there, i thought he was jungkook

When pregnant and give birth are both challenging but not as much when you finally become parents :) Couples: Yongguk x Sihyun Minhyun x Hyunbin Daniel x Seong.

[PRODUCE 101 A Level - PICK ME] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170427 EP.521 || KANG DANIEL ||  Photo Credit to Owner✨

Olha o crack bias passando

(*) kang daniel - Búsqueda de Twitter

(*) kang daniel - Búsqueda de Twitter

daniel kills me

I can't even tell who that is << daniel you sexy sexy man this is why you’re my wannaone bias

Kang daniel ABS

Kang daniel ABS

i'm in love with his smile 😊


Innisfree - Kang Daniel Wanna One


Wanna One on

Kang Daniel Wanna One


oMg he looks awfully boyfriend here

Kang Daniel in Wannaone

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Agel เซ็กซี่ สามีใครหว่าาาา อุ๊ย!!สามีเราเองง❤❤

Kang danuel wanna one

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