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To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being…

Please go Vegan for these innocent living sentient beings, they deserve to live, we do not need to eat their body parts or drink their bodily fluids!

Foundation Tier im Recht: Dog | Ads of the World™

Some animals are treated like garbage, a powerful and creative awareness campaign for animal rights, envisioned by the Ruf Lanz agency for the German Foundation

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Manifestazione contro la Vivisezione, Roma. 14 giugno. Il ritrovo è previsto per le ore 12.00 in P.ZZA ESEDRA (Roma) , partenza ore 13.00/14.00 per arrivare a P.ZZA DEL POPOLO - Roma.

Stop animal testing - an extra brand of soap on the market isn't worth the suffering that soap causes. Stick with the soaps and shampoos and cleaning products already known to be safe! OR test on humans that are dumb enough to volunteer