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Picture of solar home

Fewer college teams built homes to compete in this year’s Solar Decathlon, but their gee-whiz features might offer a surprising glimpse of the future.

OLD-COMPUTERS.COM Museum ~ IBM PC XT - Model 5160

As we have the fastest pcs today. Today they carry out tasks that were unthinkable a few years ago. We can play in communicate and see anyone.

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Old Computer wallpaper

Apple II - Shepardson Microsystems, Inc. (SMI) was a small company producing operating systems and programming languages for the Atari and Apple II computer families. SMI is most noted for authoring Atari's BASIC and Disk Operating System (DOS) products.

Types Of Computer And Tips: Use for Old Computers

I just read an article on the many uses of old computers. The best ideas seemed to be ways to allow your computer to be used by others over.